About Us

FIH is a subsidiary of the world's largest and fastest growing multinational company in the fields of manufacturing services providers (including CEM, EMS, ODM and CMMS players) for Computer, Communication and Consumer electronics industries. Hon Hai Precision is the global leader in the handset and wireless communications manufacturing and service.

We are constantly enhancing our vertical integration of key components (eCMMs) and integration of mechanical and electrical engineering expertise, while continuing to strengthen our extensive global manufacturing and services platform. From product development and design, to manufacturing and assembly, to after-sales services and repairs, our customer-focused, highly integrated approach ensures top quality execution and rapid delivery of everything customer need to compete in a rapidly evolving marketplace. 

We manage to expand the foundation for success by further tapping into not only the leading smart phone customer also wearable devices and IOT customer base and expect to drive significant business growth through IIDMSM (Integrated Innovation Design Manufacturing Sales Marketing). While there will be challenges, we believe that there will also be opportunities for the Company to embark on the next cycle of advancement.