Privacy Policy

To protect the confidentiality of your personal information, FIH Co., Ltd. ("FIH" or "the Corporation") hereby announces the policies of privacy protection ("Privacy Protection Policy") as below:


In general, you need not provide your name or other personal information when visiting the FIH website ("the Website"). However, from time to time, the Corporation may need you to provide some information in order to fulfill specific agenda or provide better service, such as getting in touch with you or processing the paperwork for completing hiring process.


Please be advised that your privacy is highly respected by the Corporation. The Corporation would only use this information for the ultimate purpose of supporting you and strengthen the relationship between you and the Corporation, such as providing service and support, offering production information, sharing news about the Corporation news and service, etc. Under no circumstance should the Corporation sell your personal information. Furthermore, the Corporation will not publicly share your personal information unless obtaining your approval beforehand. The Corporation may share your personal information with some business partners which assist the Corporation in fulfilling the Corporation's obligations to you, provided that the business partners commit themselves to protect your privacy rights. The Corporation will try the best to protect the safety of your personal information through appropriate ways and procedures.


Please be advised that your personal information may be collected when visiting third party websites through the links of the Website. By visiting any third party website in such way, your visitation will not be covered by this Privacy Protection Policy. Furthermore, the Corporation will take in charge of managing privacy protection for these third party websites.


The Corporation aims to assist you in keeping your personal information accurate. If you have any update on your personal information, please contact us at your first convenience for the update.


The Corporation may modify these clauses by providing an updated notice. You agree to be bound by such modification through the use of the Website. You may also visit the Website frequently to check the update of the clauses where you are bound by.


If you have any question about our privacy protection policy, please contact us as follows:

  • Human Resource Department, FIH Co., Ltd.
    Address: No.4, Minsheng St., Tucheng District, New Taipei City 23679, Taiwan
  • Email: